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January 29, 2020
Stream UNDISPUTED and LEVEL UP on iHeartRadio NOW!!! You can scroll this playlist by swiping up/down and just TAP or CLICK the title of the song next to the group name and please give a Thumbs Up!!! 



December 17, 2019
Champ Records Music Production presents (UNDISPUTED). With their new album (GAIN ON MY LEVEL) coming April 04, 2020, along with their New single (DOPE) which is Available NOW!!! on all Music Platforms. (Single tap or Double Click) the link to view the New Single on Spotify.


Level Up

December 6, 2019
Champ Records Music Production presents (Level Up). With their new album (Get Lit-Stay Lit) coming April 04, 2020, along with their New single (ON GO) which is Available NOW!!! on all Music Platforms. (Single tap or Double click) the link to view the New Single on Spotify


C.R.M.P (VIP) Members

September 20, 2011
HEAR IT FIRST!!! You can now download NEW MUSIC from UNDISPUTED & LEVEL UP in advance!!!

All song's on C.R.M.P's website are FREE, but ONLY on this website. Just go to the Music Store on this site where you can download a few FREE song's by following the directions given.

To purchase any full album/album's/single's in advance or to SUBSCRIBE to the C.R.M.P (VIP MEMBERS PAGE)  click on the BC LOGO that's on the music player or SELECT the Champ Records Bandcamp Link below. Email C.R.M.P to request a Special Discount Code for purchase, don't forget to mention Bandcamp, and please don't forget to SHARE!!!

To all fan's that chooses to support UNDISPUTED, LEVEL UP and C.R.M.P you are greatly appreciated and we know you will enjoy the music THANKS.  https://champrecords.bandcamp.com/


C.R.M.P YouTube

April 30, 2011
COMING UP IN 2020!!! Check out all of UNDISPUTED & LEVEL UP's latest YouTube videos and performances, please (LIKE) and (SUBSCRIBE) to our New Channel.

Just search on YouTube for: Champ Records or  just follow one of the videos here on this page to find our New YouTube Channel or just follow the links provided below. For some of UNDISPUTED throw backs search champrecordsceo, continuous videos will be added weekly to our New Page. 

Check out the live video performance of UNDISPUTED at club EL DORADO in Beaumont, TX recorded by a fan and was sent to UNDISPUTED. With this performance link you can check out other UNDISPUTED throw back YouTube video's, or you can click on the photo video's to see all that's New from UNDISPUTED, LEVEL UP, and C.R.M.P (etc)..

The NEW C.R.M.P YouTube Link: 

For C.R.M.P/UNDISPUTED Throwbacks: 

Stream UNDISPUTED & LEVEL UP on iHeartRadio NOW!!!

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UNDISPUTED- Parley (EP) from the (Gain on My Level) album available Now on ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS!!!
LEVEL UP- Houston (EP) promoting the (Gain on My Level) album available Now on ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS!!!

These song's where recorded and produced at Champ Records Music Production (C.R.M.P) by Frydae Killasmoke (C.R.M.P)C.E.O. Written by Frydae (Killasmoke) and Lady-A (Da Lyricstarr) of The Group UNDISPUTED from Houston, TX for the Brang Da Heat & By Any Means Album.

This is one of Champ Records Music Production first practice Music Videos. This was the start to C.R.M.P's video production department and development. The music in this video was recorded and produced at C.R.M.P. All animation, video editing, etc.. was done by FRYDAE (KILLASMOKE) and KIIX from the group LEVEL UP. For a practice not bad, so stay tuned more videos are underway on a more advanced professional level because at C.R.M.P we're all about advancement, growth, and development. 

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