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Please Read Carefully 


1. The studio, building and premises are monitored 24 hrs a day by security officers with a 24 hr surveillance system linked to the Houston Police Department. 
2. There's a ZERO TOLERANCE for misconduct or misbehavior within the studio or on the premises at any time. 
3. The studio is not responsible for any customers behavior or any misconduct.
4. You will be asked to leave if you start to show any aggression, or disrespectful behavior such as, cursing, yelling, or presenting any act of violence toward studio personnel, other customer's or building representative's. 
5. Absolutely no derogatory behavior is aloud nor will be tolerated at Champ Records Music Production.
6. In the case of any misconduct, act of violence or misbehavior, you will be immediately reported to the authorities and ask to leave.
7. In the case of any violations of these terms you will also immediately lose your appointment, all deposits or funds made towards any services and any work previously completed will be terminated with NO EXCEPTIONS. 

NOTE: (This is a professional music studio and all customers are responsible for his/her own actions which could result in arrest if unethical. So we ask that all customers follow all the studio and facility guidelines and be on your best behavior at all times).  



For NEW customers we highly recommend a FREE consultation by CALLING or EMAILING the studio before BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT for informational purposes. During the consultation we discuss the service/services needed by the customer, verify that the service selected is accurate, answer any needed questions, exact expectations of the service that is needed, the cost of the service or estimated cost, estimated duration of the service, and exact location/locations of the service/service's if needed. The consultation is highly recommended to be completed first to speed up the process of the service/services once the customer/customers arrive at the studio or the studio personnel arrive at the customers location on appointment day. The consultation also allows the studio personnel and customer to build some type of familiar relationship before the appointment day. 

KEEP IN MIND: If a customer books a service without having a consultation, the studio will inform the customer to do so immediately. At that point the appointment may be removed and the deposit may be refunded until a consultation is done. This may result in that particular time and date selected by the customer to be booked by a customer that has had a consultation. This will also result in a delay of the customer receiving their refund based on the refund processing. 

So please make sure to CALL or EMAIL for the consultation first.

(To All Customers: All payments are final so please make sure you're satisfied with your service before leaving the studio. We Do Not recommend Cash payments at Champ Records Music Production for services unless need be. Bank Debit Cards, Credit Cards and PayPal transactions are highly recommended). 

NOTE: Most of our services are based on price per hour. If the customer's time ends within an hour then the customer will pay the prorated time for that hour that the service has stopped.


1. The customer/customers will only be refunded if a service that has been booked becomes unavailable. 
2. The customer/customers will be refunded if the studio can't complete a service due to a studio error only if the error can't be fixed in a suitable time. 
3. The studio may offer a partial refund if a service is not completed but usable and satisfactory enough for sale.
4. The studio may offer a partial courtesy refund if a service can't be completed due to an issue that the studio and the customer agreed to attempt but it didn't work out.
5. If a service has started and any technical issues come about and the issue can not be resolved, then at that point the job will be unable to be completed so the service will be refunded. 
6. If the studio or studio personnel doesn't deliver on the behalf of what was agreed upon during the initial consultation, the studio  will take full responsibility and give the customer a full refund. 
7. Some technical issues may result in a delay of service/services being delayed which the job may be completed at a later day but will be completed, at that point the studio may offer a partial refund for the inconvenience. 

NOTE: (The studio will always take full responsibility for it's studio related issues and studio personnel ONLY. The studio only can create the vision given by the customer unless granted creative control through a written contract/agreement. We will always go the extra mile to satisfy our customers and try to resolve, provide, and present the best results to solve all issues). 


1. Customer's must notify the studio 24 hrs in advance to reschedule, cancel or to make any changes to appointments. Which will be based on the studio time and availability.
2. Deposits are completely non refundable even if the customer cancels the appointment NO EXCEPTIONS. So make sure you are positive about your appointment. 
3. Once an appointment is booked the appointment is set.
4. If the customer needs to switch time frames we will provide that time frame if it's available within the same day, but if not the customer will have to reschedule and pay another deposit to hold a different time and date. 
5. The deposit will cover and hold the selected time slot and day for the customers appointment at the studio so that no other customer can book at the same time and date.
6. The deposit will go toward the final price of the service/services selected.
7. It's very important that the customer shows up or either reschedules or cancels an appointment in the significant amount of time as stated if not sooner, so that if you're not available another customer may book that time.
8. If the customer fails to make the appointment without contacting the studio the customers full deposit will be lost NO EXCEPTIONS. 
9. The customer must contact the studio by email, the appointment notification or by phone 24 hrs in advance so that we can move your appointment to another day if unable to make the appointment. 
10. If the customer RESCHEDULE for another day 24 hrs in advance, the customer will only lose half of their initial deposit, which in meaning only half of your deposit will go towards your final balance for the inconvenience of the reschedule. 
11. Customer's are only allowed one reschedule on the original deposit NO EXCEPTIONS. 
12. If the customer fails to show up or needs to reschedule on a rescheduled appointment, the full deposit will be lost and another appointment will have to be made with a new deposit.
13. If any outside service/services happen to be booked unintentionally on a rainy day, that service deposit can not be refunded, but that service can be rescheduled 1 time on the next available fair weather day. If it happens to fall on another unintentionally rainy day the customer will be responsible for the relocation to complete the service that day or the customer can reschedule, but the deposit will be lost and another deposit will have to be made.


1. If the customer is running late please notify the studio immediately. So that the studio personnel can make the extended time arrangements. 
2. Running late will always result in the customer paying a late fee NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. If the customer runs more than 15 minutes late the customer will be charged a $25 late fee which will be applied to the customers final balance. 
4. If the customer is running more than 30 min late your service 
 will be cancelled and the deposit will be lost. 
5. If the customer appointment is lost due to the customer running late, the studio will notify you immediately to reschedule and another deposit will have to be paid for another appointment NO EXCEPTIONS. 
6. If the producer or studio personnel decides to work with the customer after the customer arrives late, do to the customer stating a necessary need to keep the appointment, then there will be a $50 late fee added to the customer's final payment. Which the studio will notify the customer if this applies. 

(So Please Be On Time To Avoid Any Late Fee Situations).

1. Only the customer being serviced will be allowed in the studio. 2. Customers are not allowed to bring guest NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. If anyone needs to be present with you (like a manager or 2nd and third artist) those person's must be involved with the service selected or they will be asked to leave. There will be no unnecessary lounging in the studio or around the facility. 
4. The studio must be notified at the time when booking your service if you're going to be accompanied by another person. 
5. For everyone's safety that person has to be verified through our security, receptionist or studio personnel as well before your arrival or they will not be allowed in the studio/building. 
6. Visitor verification needs to take place during your consultation before booking any service.
7. These safety measures are important for our staff and customers. So please comply.
8. No kids are allowed at the studio, in the building or around the premises at any time NO EXCEPTIONS.
9. The customer must be 18 years of age and older to book an appointment with the studio NO EXCEPTIONS. 
10. Anyone under the age of 18 that needs a service must be represented and accompanied by an adult when visiting the studio at all times NO EXCEPTIONS. 
11. No Smoking, No Vaping or Drinking Alcoholic Beverages are allowed on the premises nor in the studio at any time. The studio does have a beverage center with soft drinks.
12. Customers may smoke in their vehicles only (Facility Rules). 
13. All drugs including recreational drugs are prohibited on the premises. Customer's that consume recreational drugs will smoke at your own risk. Hidden surveillance will be in process and monitored 24 hrs a day. 
14. If the intoxication affects the customers ability to complete the service the service will immediately be stopped, canceled, the customer deposit will be lost and the customer will be asked to leave the premises. 
15. If service is terminated due to intoxication then the customer must pay another deposit and book for another day when not intoxicated. We do ask that the customers to save any intoxication for home use only. 
16. Studio & Service times only pauses if the studio has any technical issues or need to take an urgent break.
17. If the customer needs to break or have any unnecessary issues that will affect the time of the service the time will remain ticking. So please come prepared to work. 
18. No disruptive behavior or misconduct will be tolerated in the studio nor in the office building including outside the building and parking lot areas.
19. Wandering around the building is not allowed, customers must stay in designated areas only at all times for security purposes.
20. Respect studio personnel and others as adults as the studio personnel and others will respect you as the customer. 
21. Be patient with your Technician. The Technicians are human as well, mistakes can happen.
22. Some services may take longer depending on what's needed for the service or if any technical issues come about that needs to be fixed by the Technician. We asked that you bear with the Technician your time will be paused until the issue is resolved. 
19. Understand that service completions are based on the studio time, not yours. 
20. Feel free to address any concerns about your service or session as a respectful adult. We are happy to address any concerns that the customer may have.
21. Always come to the studio prepared to start immediately. No playing or wondering around in the studio nor building. 
22. Make sure that you understand all of the service terms and rules if given during consultations. If in doubt please ask. 


After a paid service is complete, and we've verified your satisfaction, at that point the job will be considered done. So, if anything needs to be changed after the fact, the customer will be responsible and the customer will then have to book another appointment day so we can address the issue which will result in another deposit to fix the issue. So please be confident with your decision.

NOTE: (Remember it's imperative that you understand that All Deposits or any other funds collected for any service are non refundable. Also you forfeit all payments & appointments if the studio rules are not followed for any reason, and you will be asked to leave immediately). 


We at Champ Records Music Production pride ourselves in providing each customer with the best professional, quality  services available to us. Since we are skilled in various fields we will do our best to satisfy and fulfill every customer's needs to the best of our ability. We will always show our customers good hospitality and care in every way possible. For any reason if any mistakes fall back on the studio or studio personnel we will accommodate the customer for the matter at hand only. We will never take on a service that we can not complete and we want the customer to feel comfortable and confident that their service is in good hands with Champ Records Music Production. We are GOD fearing people and we always put (GOD) Jehovah GOD in Jesus name first. We take our job, your safety and your time, as well as ours, seriously. We love to work with others and will do our best to bring the customers creativity to life. We look forward to gaining  our customers' trust in our company for long term relationships, so with that being said, we extend a thank you in advance for respecting our studio policy. 


RECOMMENDED: Please download a copy of the STUDIO POLICY for your record. At times our policy may change, so check back before booking another service. If you are listed as part of our mailing list you will be notified that our STUDIO POLICY has changed so that you may download the New Update.
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