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This website has been created to promote the artist that are under this label and to provide people with a different sound of quality music out of Houston,TX. This is a new sound of music which is called HOOD CRUNK MUSIC. This site is also created for those who are looking for free music from these artist, wanting to support these artist, or either looking for the same style of track's or quality as these artist which is created directly from C.R.M.P. Our site is also for promoting purposes for the company and artist. All music copyrights belongs to Champ Records Music Production (C.R.M.P). This website is also created to build interest in C.R.M.P to extend it's music production.

Phone: 346-235-4623

Note: This is an Independent Record label and only provides music track's for artist under the label, for artist not signed please contact us for details on how to purchase tracks Via Email. Champ Records Music Production DO NOT sign or show any interest in any artist without review of a proper demo package/portfolio Submitted Via Email.

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