About Us

Here at Champ Records Music Production (C.R.M.P) we create original music and take great pride in everything that we do at this company. We strive for excellence and this company was started from ground up in the year 2005 and knows what it takes to climb to the top. The company is still growing and remains an Independent Record Label. At this time we are searching for other artists, but artist must submit a demo along with an portfolio. Demo's and portfolios will only be reviewed Via Email by submitting a proper developed demo package/portfolio. Original track's are available for purchase by contacting the producer of Champ Records Music Production, Frydae (Killasmoke), which also engineers and records all of C.R.M.P's music,  and is also Head C.E.O of the company.  Lady-A also known as (Da Lyricstarr) and CO-C.E.O handles all of the business, promotions, events, etc... which can be provided only if you are doing business with the company. C.R.M.P will take all the necessary steps possible to help develop it's artist, because excellence reflects C.R.M.P.




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