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For NEW customers we highly recommend a FREE consultation by CALLING or EMAILING the studio before BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT for informational purposes. During the consultation we discuss the service/services needed by the customer, verify that the service selected is accurate, answer any needed questions, exact expectations of the service that is needed, the cost of the service or estimated cost, estimated duration of the service, and exact location/locations of the service/service's if needed. The consultation is highly recommended to be completed first to speed up the process of the service/services once the customer/customers arrive at the studio or the studio personnel arrive at the customers location on appointment day. The consultation also allows the studio personnel and customer to build some type of familiar relationship before the appointment day. 

KEEP IN MIND: If a customer books a service without having a consultation, the studio will inform the customer to do so immediately. At that point the appointment may be removed and the deposit may be refunded until a consultation is done. This may result in that particular time and date selected by the customer to be booked by a customer that has had a consultation. This will also result in a delay of the customer receiving their refund based on the refund processing. 

So please make sure to CALL or EMAIL for the consultation first.

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363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E
Suit 1100
Houston, Texas 77060
(281) 931-1201 Ext 1201

Business Contact Hours: 

Open: Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Business Service Hours:

Open: Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
 On All Holidays.

Please Read Our Studio Policy before Visiting or Booking with Champ Records Music Production.

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